Automated Wealth Network Review 

Automated Wealth Network (or AWN for short) is an online marketing program launched in March 2015 by Tim Chesonis and Michael Cocan as an answer to all of the hyped up training courses and “make money online” systems that have been sprouting up on the internet over the past few years.

Within less than a month, the Automated Wealth Network website entered the top 70,000 websites in the Alexa rankings for the USA – pretty much unheard of for a start-up site…so what is all the buzz about? Is AWN legit or just another one of the many over-hyped online scams out there?

Hopefully this Automated Wealth Network review will help you decide.

Anyone who’s spent any length of time searching for an honest way to earn money online will probably agree with me when I say that, although there are without doubt people out there making insane amounts of money on the internet, it’s extremely hard to find anyone to actually break it down and explain exactly HOW it all works.

What sets Automated Wealth Network apart from the thousands of other programs out there is that, rather than simply offering a marketing system or sales funnel for members to use, it also provides literally hours’ worth of high quality, step-by-step training (over 10 hours in fact), which members can access free of charge, whether they decide to promote AWN or not.

So here’s a breakdown of what AWN actually is and what Tim and Mike are offering:

1. Online Marketing Training

The training Automated Wealth Network provides is available to all members who sign up for free, regardless of whether they decide to promote AWN itself.

At the time of writing this (April 2015, just a month after the launch of AWN), there is already well over 10 hours’ worth of tutorial videos in the site. Tim and Michael are constantly adding to this so there will no doubt be more content in there by the time you read this – but, for now, here is a summary of the training that’s provided already:

  • Induction: Step-by step video series on how to get set up properly if you want to promote AWN using their marketing system and sales funnel.
  • Fundamentals: Affiliate links, lead magnets, landing pages, up-sells…how they all fit together and how to use them.
  • Traffic: Overview of blogging traffic, social media traffic and paid traffic.
  • Autoresponders: How email autoresponders work and how to use them to follow up with prospects to build a business on autopilot.
  • “Breakthrough” section: Mindset training and recommended reading.
  • Free Traffic Methods: Social media marketing – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and how to syndicate/post your content to multiple social networks automatically.
  • Building Websites: How to set up new domains and hosting accounts and how to install WordPress.
  • Organic Traffic (Search Engine Optimization/SEO): The right way to do keyword research (VERY important!), how to use Google’s Keyword Planner, social media SEO, on-page website SEO, how to rank social sites in the major search engines and how to rank a website at the top of Google.
  • Paid traffic: How to scale up your business, tracking ROI from paid advertising, Facebook mastery, millionaire networking, the importance of having a high value back-end offer and how to make high ticket sales.

This is just a very brief headline overview of what’s currently provided free of charge to Automated Wealth Network’s members. As mentioned earlier, new tutorials and features are being added regularly.

Check it out for yourself HERE.

2. The Most Effective Sales Funnel I’ve Ever Seen (!)

Tim’s and Michael’s master stroke when creating AWN was in combining their excellent free training and zero-hype approach with an optional marketing system and sales funnel that converts INSANELY well for any members who decide to take advantage of it (you can see my first month’s results HERE).

The sales funnel basically promotes two businesses – the first pays one-off commissions of $33 and the second pays residual commissions of $20/month as well as $100 and $400 one-off commissions to any members who decide to upgrade their membership and fully align themselves within the system (more on that later).

The two businesses that Automated Wealth Network promotes are:

1. MyCashFreebies

MyCashFreebies is effectively an affiliate network that manages a number of freebie sites, providing web space to advertisers looking to promote various products or services by offering free trials and/or discounts to consumers.

One of the methods used by affiliate networks is known as “incentive advertising”, meaning that they offer incentives (free gifts) to people who try out these advertisers’ products or services.

Advertisers on MyCashFreebies include companies like Disney, Dr Seuss, Gamefly Rentals, VideoStripe and MyPCBackup, to name just a few, and the offers they have available range from free/low cost trials to reduced cost subscriptions which vary quite significantly in price.

The way MyCashFreebies works is via a referral system so that, rather than offering incentives to people when they try the advertisers’ products themselves, people receive these incentives once they have completed a number of trial offers and then start referring others to do the same.

In the case of the Automated Wealth Network MyCashFreebies site (the custom network specifically set up for AWN), these incentives/commissions are cash payments of $33 per referral, typically paid to members via PayPal. US residents do have a couple of other options for how to receive commissions but PayPal still remains the easiest and, in fact, is the ONLY method available to anyone living outside of the USA.

Once members have completed their offer requirements themselves and have earned 1 full “credit” in the freebie site (each advertiser offers different fractions of a credit for trying their product/service), they are then qualified to earn these $33 commissions every time they in turn refer anyone else who does the same.

“International Users” (anyone living in countries where MyCashFreebies do not have any advertiser offers available) can earn their qualifying credit by instead referring someone who IS able to complete the usual offer requirements.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer and commissions are usually paid out within a few hours.

2. Power Lead System (PLS)Power Lead System

Power Lead System is a platform offering a mind-boggling array of internet marketing resources, from fully customizable sales funnels, capture pages and autoresponders to lists of solo ad providers, traffic exchanges and other traffic sources, ad tracking tools, regular training webinars and much more. If I had one criticism to make, it’s that there’s so much inside the PLS platform that it can be hard to navigate to begin with! But of course, like with anything, the more time you spend on it, the more you get used to it.

The cost of becoming a member of PLS is $30/month.

As well as providing all of these tools, resources and training however, members also have the option to register as affiliates – this costs an additional $23.97/month and allows affiliates to earn recurring/residual commissions of $20/month by referring other people to also become Power Lead System members, as well as further commissions for sales of any of the up-sells (more on that in a minute).

This affiliate program is where AWN’s sales funnel becomes really powerful, as Tim and Michael have done an amazing job of guiding prospects through the system and the benefits that PLS provides…one good example being a video showing how, as a Power Lead System member, you have the ability to create your own custom lead capture pages in less than 60 seconds. As a result, the conversion rate for PLS, via Automated Wealth Network’s sales funnel, is just crazy!

There are also a couple of optional up-sells:

  • “Free Ad Secrets” training course (“Diamond” level): This series of videos costs $147 (one-time payment) and breaks down exactly how to set up an effective advertising co-op from scratch so that, by combining resources with others, you can grow a profitable business at little or no cost and at the same time help your team achieve a positive Return On Investment on their paid advertising and so build profitable businesses of their own. PLS affiliates who own the Free Ad Secrets course earn $100 commissions on sales they make of this Diamond-level product.
  • “Social Profit Academy” training course (“Platinum” level): This course costs $497 (one-time payment) and pays affiliates, who have bought Social Profit Academy, commissions of $400 on any sales they make of this Platinum-level product. As the name suggests, the course teaches the most effective ways to build a profitable business online using social media, notably Facebook marketing.

To summarize, Automated Wealth Network members who are fully aligned within the system are able to earn the following commissions:

  1. $33 one-off commissions for referring people to take free/discounted trial offers in the AWN MyCashFreebies site
  2. $20/month recurring commissions for referring people to become members of the Power Lead System
  3. $100 one-off commissions whenever a PLS referral decides to buy the Diamond level Free Ad Secrets course
  4. $400 one-off commissions whenever a PLS referral decides to buy the Platinum level Social Profit Academy course

TOTAL POTENTIAL INCOME PER REFERRAL: $533 in one-off commissions $20/month in residual monthly income.

3. A Real Community

This is not to be underestimated! I’ve been in quite a few online programs and, when it comes to getting questions answered or getting access to system updates, new training, or even just to be able to connect with the founders of the business, you can’t beat having an active Facebook group where the owners also participate regularly.

As well as being particularly active in the AWN Facebook group, Tim and Michael also host live webinars every 2 weeks (every other Wednesday) to update members on new developments and provide additional training from themselves as well as guest speakers…

That’s about it for this Automated Wealth Network review…I hope you found it helpful! 🙂

Automated Wealth Network is of course a very new business but I think the results the site has achieved so far, and the quality of all the free training provided, speak for themselves. Whether you’re a newbie online marketer or a seasoned veteran, there is something of value in there for everyone.

Again, to check it out for yourself, CLICK HERE.

To see my own personal results with the system so far, CLICK HERE.

All the best,

Steve Dourdil

Skype: stevedourdil1


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7 Responses to “Automated Wealth Network Review”

  1. Steve

    Hi Davin, if you’re already a PLS member, even better – so was I when AWN came along…I don’t know if you’ve been promoting PLS already as an affiliate but, if so, if you decide to join AWN and promote that instead of PLS directly, I’m sure you’ll see your PLS conversions go through through the roof….the AWN sales funnel is that good.

    BTW, the AWN funnel is changing soon – getting rid of the MyCashFreebies “front end” and replacing it with PLS. For the back-end, Tim and Mike will be replacing PLS with “AWN Academy” which will be a coaching membership run by Tim & Mike. I got in when they opened it up briefly for “founder members” and have seen what they’re teaching and it’s pretty awesome. So that’s another part of the sales funnel which will come into play soon.

    In any case, if you’re interested in using the AWN funnel to promote PLS and maybe AWN Academy, it would be cool to have you on my team – just use the link on my site or go straight to

    Cheers & thanks for your message,


  2. Justin Rowell

    This awesome website will lead you to the best 100% free opportunity out there today! Get started now! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

  3. Steve

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m working on a training site with my business partner at the moment so will let you know when it’s launched!

  4. Steve

    Thanks Matt! I made this site myself using the ProStyler theme 🙂

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